Friday, July 29, 2005

Things are happening fast in the St. George real estate market

This Market Update comes to you from the desk of Brian Habel - Your Realtor For Life

To keep you abreast... rumors are alive enough to say, that a significant amount of lots are going to be hitting the market before the year is out. Even now realtors here report a slowing of action with a slight increase of the number of listings on the market. It ebbs and flows all the time though... I just notice that a significant number of realtors agree with the Broker in our mtg. that there is a mild slowing of the market occuring. Lots are very hard to come by, which initially looks to keep the builders trying to make good on the significant amount of money they have put up-front, on the lot, to put a bigger house on the lot to compensate. But some projections, with the significant amount of lots, may change things. Prices have soared and there is some consensus that prices "have" leveled off.

Keeping you abreast.

Brian Habel
RE/MAX First Realty


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