Tuesday, September 26, 2006

As September 2006 closes up this Quarter of the Year

As September closes this chapter of the year, it is pretty much common news headlines now that prices are actually falling nation wide for values of real estate- prices can actually can go down. In taking a some retirees out to Sun River today they told me that they wondered if St George was the exception to that. While my sources have cautioned me against the price reduction frenzied "seasoners" in saying that property is not selling healthily at all, I am constrained to say that with enough of what I've heard and seen of, in going to Washington County Board of Realtors meetings where property gets talked about, it has to be coming down here to. We are all hanging out there - should come as no surprise to us "Polyanna" types who don't listen to all purveyors of doom and gloom hype. Or us types that want to use denial again, I would have to wake up myself and say, there seems to be enough evidence, you just can't have that many price reductions and NOT have falling prices, can you?... I don't think so, but I've been wrong before.

And to those who have a crystal ball, please call me. However, I don't know if it is in my last post or not, but a key information source, told me that just like the stock market bids people to buy correctly- that is selectively when prices are falling, that starting now and towards the end of the year and beginning of next, is a GREAT time to BUY. Remember, St George Utah Real Estate is always a good bet. We are centrally located and have what crazed Californians and "Urbanites" love, good safe environment, majestic red rock scenery, temperate climate, National Parks... And so centrally located too. Go figure.