Saturday, October 14, 2006

Predictions for the Future

I think from my September post that since that, time has only confirmed what we are all feeling and that is that market prices have been coming down a little bit. I don't know that they have come down a whole lot though for houses priced under 300K; otherwise, yes.

What are some projections for the future into next year? I've consulted with a few realtors I think highly of and we have come to the view that the demand will pick back up (or sustain) next year (possibly earlier vs. later) for homes in the lower price ranges and that building them, while still taking place, will not be totally halted, flooded with supply or derailed from continueing. Please realize that know one has a crystal ball on this thing. However, we do have some basis for saying this. That is that we can tell that the commercial sector is still viably growing. Take for instance the new jobs for the new Wal-Mart, hospital or the new Viracon glass factory. All of these industries will feed other industries coming in as well, which all means new people to the area.

A noteworthy note it is... then to say as your trusted advisor, that it is not all too bad a time to buy in my opinion when prices have actually come down a bit, eh. There are some mentalities out there of a lot of people, that say they are going to wait until they see where things will go. Yes, and I don't particularly have a crystal ball on the subject except to add that well, if there are a lot of people waiting, what happens when they all see it is time to move because things are coming back up. If you wait to act untill then, where does it put you then... is a good question to ask. Buying higher? That is why it is good to buy now if you are buying selectively. So, give me a call if your ready to move on getting something lined up.

Make sure to read the last post, I wrote it at about the same time here.

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Lucy said...

Good post. Yes, with home prices in a downward spiral, indicating a buyers market, it makes for a good time to buy. I found a comprehensive "prediction for the future", if you will, in the Swanepoel Trends Report. You should check it out, I got mine online.