Wednesday, November 15, 2006

St George Utah area Total Sales Monthly for 2006

Go to our site to see latest statistics on the market. But to find that home use Brian, your handi-dandi St George Realtor. Coming to you live (live update) from the hot seat, here in St George Utah set in mild winter weather, scenic Pine Valley Mountain and proximatey of Zion National Park- don't miss out on this piece of high mountain desert! Actaully, now is a good time to buy, because we have shown an ability to be a true haven for flocks and I'm not just talking about snow birds, although we have those too. We were the second fastest growing community last year for our size.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Ebb or Flow? - 2006 St George Real Estate

As 2006 wraps up realtors consign themselves to an already consitent lack of transactions. However, the ebb in the hallways here at RE/MAX has gave way to a couple of reports of increased business. Has our ebb turned into a flow? I do think it has picked up a bit.

We would like to report to any of our people looking for information about Southern Utah and Southern Utah real estate, that we have updated our pages to give a lot of information about this red rock, vista-ed experience, cognisant of the "SouthWest"- at Southern Utah Real Estate. Find out how our prices compare to the rest of the native southwestern area.

Also, I would like to mention that The Inn at Entrada is a nice little RESORT get-a-way place. I had the chance to use their facilities and stay in one of their suites last night and the experience was literally awesome. Of course my wife and I (5 kids) needed such a take-me-away, set in the flowing water features- "shower" me away is more like it, if you like swimming under a water fall, type of experience as that. I opened my blinds this morning to flowing water admist lava rock, pond and red, red mountain majestic. Take me away! Not many people know that The Inn at Entrada is kind of like Green Valley resort condo's, you can rent them for days, weeks or months and the facilities manager their told me that theirs is nicer- I believe!!!