Thursday, December 07, 2006

St George Ut Real Estate Total Sales Related to Homes Sales Nation Wide

Home Sales Nation Wide
Home sales nation wide have teadily declined according to a Pending Homes report or index designed by the National Association of Realtors to be a leading index reflecting what the market is doing. We've gone from 124 units in October of 2005 to about 107 units in October 2006, about a -14% nation wide and -17.4% for the Western states.
Total Sales in St George Ut
For St George Ut Real Estate or Washington County, total sold listings, which includes commercial, residential and lots have gone from 435 in October of 2005 to 329 in October of 2006, according to local Washington County Board of MLS reporting statistics, which would be about a -24% reduction in total sales.
Comparing Tatal Sales Locally to the Home Sales Nationally
We recognize we are comparing House Sales Nationally with Total Sales locally and we do this only because this is the only graphical information we have on hand. It helps to see, that the national downward trend in number of purchases is fairly parallel with what is going on locally as well.

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