Monday, July 07, 2008

Southern Utah Real Estate

Southern Utah Real Estate

Our Southern Utah real estate has not experienced as hard a hit as say Las Vegas Nevada or other parts of the country. In other words, although prices have had to readjust from heightened appreciation gains, some of the highest in the nation, the reasons for settling to the St George and Cedar City area are not typically marked with Buyers intents to get rich quick. Rather they are looking for a better quality of life and to settle in this area. This overall temperament for the area really ought not to be underestimated at least in terms of projections toward future in migration to the area. Southern Utah has also not been hit like other parts with as many foreclosures, although they are far more than anyone have imagined. Bottom line for the future market is that, although things are slowed, it has not completely "dried up the lake". While our mobility for sellers being able to move has been hit and our ability to move properties, we still have some vitality that will carry us through- all is not doom an gloom.

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