Monday, January 05, 2009

Initial St George Utah Real Estate Predictions for 2009

Our local St George market has been hit with a little kick-up of buyer interest and activity from my subjective viewpoint in talking to several realtor's and in getting their views on it. One realtor showed property every day through the holidays except Christmas day. Another one who brought a buyer offer on a home I had listed and that I ended up selling through him as the buyers agent, spoke about a huge increase in what he had been seeing in home buyer interests, although harder still to get buyers to commit to something.

St George Utah Real Estate Predictions for 2009
A recent prediction on the 2009 market was sent to me by my Lender, Steve Stout with SGI mortgage who has been doing mortgages for 15 years, and does not lack for business. He remarked to me, 'that these Wells Fargo analysts usually know what they are talking about'. It basically said that some pent up buyer demand is awaiting and that the only thing really forestalling a pick up in buyer activity is when the government dragged out for so long deliberations in bringing excessive attention to "the bail out", and that otherwise it was a huge factor dampening buyer confidence. But with the return of good interest rates and the likes, they predict that the housing industry, will be a goodly part of the impetus for restoring 'consumerism' (as in helping to spur on the economy at large) starting mid 2009. This is one prediction reportedly from Wells Fargo and some subjective viewpoints based on some research, here from the desk of Brian Habel.

That being said, could it not just be the very best time to buy? Prices have reached an all time low following one of the greatest amped up building and housing cycles represented fervently here in our local St George market.

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