Thursday, April 09, 2009

How do Property Taxes work for the St George Utah area?

How do Property Taxes work for the St George Utah area? Well, I recently emailed a buyer regarding it and here is what I wrote:
The tax rate is as approximately, .55% (or a 1/2%)per year if it is your primary residence and about double that if you are not (1%). Now, I'm not sure about what values they get derided off of because people were complaining about too much taxation when the values of their homes went down and they were going off estimated values much higher than the new values would be. Some I've heard submit for new value, don't know if that is what can be or is done at the time of the sale or not or if it goes off when it was yearly assessed at a particular time.

I just got off the phone with the Assessor's office to get the full scoop as I've often wondered. My above information is correct. But the house values are not generally reappraised or in other words, reassessed, at the time of sale. Rather, they are off the assessed values off what the county has on record for assessments Jan 1 of each year. So, homeowners do need to... can bring in escrow statement in showing value and depending on the time it is brought in..., taxes reassessments preliminary deadline closes middle of May, so if you brought it in before that time, it could be assessed towards this year. Taxes are due at the end of November, for that prior year- paid in arrears. If people want to pay monthly they can contact the Treasures office and arrange that with a coupon book.

Public notice is given to all St George homes and property owners at the end of July what the taxes are or will be assessed at that year. This can precipitate complaints or petitions in what is subsequently a Board of Equalization that meets at end of Aug and beginning of Sept. So, if a home owner had it appraised it in June (or yes if there has been a sale or a couple comparables on their street sold, could petition at that time), then could go into the Board of Equalization for a look at it, and they could reassess regarding it.

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