Friday, December 03, 2010

St George Real Estate Market Plugging Along

The St George Utah real estate market is plugging along.  By that I mean that it appears that no real big fluctuations in the market are taking place.  Listings come on and off the market at about the same rate, maybe a little more onto the market this time of the year.  Now, for some reason, a couple months ago, my pulled numbers from the MLS (Washington County Multiple Listings Service), appear to have been skewed or off.  Foreclosures are not going off the market at a paced level yet, enough to reveal dwindling numbers, as I had thought from my last post.  However, the numbers involving Notice of Defaults being reported as less, was accurate.  Indeed, a trend could surface down the line towards less St George Foreclosures on the market.

Given the current rate of St George Ut homes for sale that are actually selling, we predict that the market is not going to go anywhere in a real hurry.  Subjectively speaking the activity levels are fairly decent, however, they do not represent this synergistic rush on purchasing homes that Realtors would like to see.  St George Realtors are kicking in to entertain any buyer that wants to go look and perhaps collect more nuts for the winter (make a sale).  Brian Habel, that's me, bowing, your St George Realtor, is shucking off his seasonal collected version of Scrooges hum bugs with a brighter and cheerier disposition to showing even Short Sales.

Feel free to visit our page for St George Ut real estate statistics- an update that takes us clear through November 2011.  We include for you a report on distressed properties singly for both St George Foreclosures and St George Short Sales on that page.  Also, feel free to search the St George real estate market listings as a whole.

If you are a buyer that will need a St George loan, my thoughts are that the interest rates are projected to go up with the bond market being hit hard.  Translated, interest rates make your monthly loan payments go up and for your affordability to take a hit on what you can afford in a home or even if you can afford it at all.  Inflation, which will influence things in that direction is bound to hit us.  China is matching our artificial money creation in order to make it easier on their exporters, but it is causing inflation on food where 50% of your income goes toward the food you buy already.  They are worried about price fixing with the government and even rioting if they sustain too much more price fixing by the government in a free market society.  I think the inflation will impact us all the way to St George.

In the U.S., some say interest rates are not going up because of any kind of real improvement in employment rates, but the U.S. bond bubble is preparing to burst because of inflation.  I think this is a good time to compliment our local St George city officials for setting the right example where other governments are strung out on debt.  St George came in and finished the new St George Regional Airport with funds from savings, picking up where the federal government was supposed to augment with their portion, and now they will have to pay us back.  On more reason to come buy a piece of St George Utah Real Estate, before it could become a lot tougher.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

St George Distressed Properties- Trends

St George distressed properties are influenced by the Notice of Defaults.  As such, notice of defaults have been down for four consecutive months of decline, thus following a pattern that might be indicative of the future. Notice of Defaults are home owners in St George who did not make their month over month house payments, being in default.  The county does have a record of it and records typically show a parallel coorelation of a high amount of notice of defaults perhaps leading to a high volume of St George distressed properties.  September 2010 represents the fourth month over month number of notice of default filings being down.  While we are up in our amount of St George area foreclosures over last year and while January through April 2010 represented a 40% increase over 2009, May through September 2010 only showed a 6% increase over the same period last year.  Thus a trend appears that the number of notice of defaults is decreasing.  This is not conclusive by any means, but it does show a movement towards perhaps less and less distressed home owners and thus perhaps a decreasing amount of distressed properties to be coming onto the market in the future.  We will keep you posted regarding this St George Utah real estate market update.

An update to this post on 10/19/2010 involves me posting the new Foreclosure data statistics up through the end of September 2010, in which a trend of the supply of St George Ut real estate foreclosures depleting faster than the new ones that are coming onto the market is showing. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

St George Utah Real Estate - Market , Buyer Tax Credit Only Worsened Things

St George Utah real estate has experienced a bit of increase in sales and activities surrounding the buyer tax credit.  Now that it is gone, sales are down.  It is argued now that the buyer tax credit did not help the market, but only served to worsen it.  Just last week, the NAHB Housing Market Index came in worse than thought and shows housing to be at a seventeen month low.  Now, if the buyer tax credit stands not as a booster, but its own blip on the radar screen, it only served to possibly raise prices a bit on real estate or give sellers the wrong idea, through short term increase in sales and demand, when in reality those prices have to be reset down to reality meeting the dilapidated shape of the housing market values.  In other words, a void or softer period in the market now exists, potentially pointing towards billions of dollars wasted. Building Permits and Housing Starts were also lower than expected. 

If you will check out our latest real estate update regarding St George Ut real estate market statistics, a decline is noticed, where we have a lower amount of sales now.  This appears to confirm that what is being said for the national real estate market, is also true for our local St George Utah real estate market.

One syndication article I get says, that the bottom line is that the labor market is the foundational bedrock of our economy and infers that job growth is the most sustainable way for our [real estate] market to recover.  Initial Claims, a leading indicator for the health of the labor market is being pushed in the wrong direction.  Just how then, the various factors of the real estate market pricing affecting the labor market or how the labor market is affecting the real estate market is explored in our new article called "Is This a Good or Bad Market?".  The anti-business regulatory environment is at least partly to blame for deficiencies in the labor market.

Interest Rates Could Rise Real Soon
Home loan rates are at historic low levels. If one thing can really sway things it is inflation, which is said to be on the horizon, the arch enemy of Bonds and home loan rates. Both the Producer and Consumer Price Indexes were recently reported hotter than expected. If rates do start to rise, they will likely do so quickly.  Now could be just about the best time to buy.

Monday, August 02, 2010

St George Real Estate Update - Interest Rates Help Scene

Hi, this is Brian giving you your St George Real Estate update.  I have personally experienced buyers coming to buy who plan on relocating as much as in a year from now, but feel that now is the time to get in on the real estate.  However, if you are a second home buyer, realize that lending limits require bare minimum, probably a 10% if not 15-20% down payment.  To find a good source for a loan I have taken strides to make good referrals, so feel free to look at one of our St George Home Loan people.  That link will also help any buyer understand the importance of getting pre-qualified.

Besides second home buyers, there has been a pickup that has maintained some momentum in our market.  The stats are listed here below and also at St George Ut Real Estate.

July of 2010 has seen some slow down in the number of sales per month that we have previous been able to maintain.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Real Estate Market Conditions and Predictions by Economists

The Real Estate Market Conditions and Predictions by Economists I'm about to share, includes gleaning from an article written by Utah Association of Realtors (UAR) Communications Director, Deanna Devey.  This article is highly informative because it draws on a myriad of economic analysts to include a survey of 92 economists by MacroMarkets LLC that "says U.S. home prices will begin a gradual recovery by next year".  While the economists predictions varied widely, the average prediction was prices will rise 12% over five years.

Mark Zandi, chief economist and co-founder of Moody's predicts, that while home prices are near bottom with the Case-Shiller Home Price Index having shown home prices increasing in recent months, that he still anticipates a 5% dip again in prices on the national average due to more foreclosures to come onto the market.  Zandi says that the country is two-thirds the way through our supply of foreclosures.

Andres Carbacho-Burgos of Moody's tells the Salt Lake Tribune that median home prices in Utah won't stabilize until the end of this year of the first couple months of 2011.

Yung, the chief economist for the National Association of Realtors which garners the most widely distributed data on home sales, gives a lot of credit to the home buyer tax credit diminishing the supply of homes on the market by about 2.5 months and a positive home price impact of 5 to 8 percent, and overall preservation of $1 trillion in housing wealth.  He believes more optimistically, that this has helped stabilize and limit future foreclosures.  David Crowe, chief economist of the National Association of Home Builders, says that low interest rates are helping to carry forward the momentum, also the pent up household formations, budding employment growth and stabilizing prices.

A Utah Work Forces press release reports that the United States has turned an economic corner and is now beginning once again to add jobs on the net.  The groundswell of economic rebound with more jobs on the net is finding roots in Utah.  Economists suggest that there is a direct relationship between the job market improving and housing formulations and demand.

Economist warn against the countries high debt-to-GDP needing to be tamed in order to spell us off from becoming another situation similar to Greece.  Devey, UAR Communications Director, ends with, that while the Federal Reserve is "expected to keep interest rates at near rock-bottom levels at least through the end of the year", with Crowe saying they will barely break 6 percent by December 2010, that Zandi predicts measurably higher interest rates in 2011 and 2012.

Utah Real Estate has seen the number of sales increase by 20 percent in  the first quarter of 2010 over the first quarter of 2009 home sales (includes condominiums).  A Utah ecomomists January prediction had Utah home sales increasing at a rate of 10 percent in the year of 2010.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

St George Real Estate - A Good Bet Running On 2010

The following video discusses that St George Utah real estate is a good bet running on into 2010 and beyond precisely because several global economic factors are affecting the volatility in the market, keeping interest rates down for now.  So, now is a good time to purchase your piece of St George Utah Real Estate.

Monday, May 17, 2010

St George Utah Real Estate Interest Rates

Interest Rates Being Influenced by Several Factors

Several factors are weighing in on how interest rates continue to be influenced for the St George Utah Real Estate market, most of them being global economic factors.

Economic Factors Abroad

The same bale-out that was being done locally where the local government borrowed money and bought several bond backed securities, to help influence the markets stability, which kept interest rates down, the same thing that was done here, is now being done on the global scale to bale-out several countries in Europe, the European Central Bank along with the International Monetary Fund unveiled a $955 Billion loan package. One impact is a weakening confidence in the Euro.

On another note, inflation is growing in China, a big player for our goods.


Local U.S. Economy Factors

One result of the U.S. weakening dollar was that while imports became much more expensive, exports looked more attractive to foreign purchasers and this helped many local muti-national U.S. corporations. With the Euro weakening, this situation is now reversing and less confidence is going to stocks again, which could help bond and home loan rates. However, other factors, to include the arch enemy to home loan rates, inflation, looms ready a viable candidate on the horizon. The affect of China's inflation to watch will be that it will cost more for their imports, causing inflation to spill over into our country as well. This entire scene of complex factors continues to keep bond and home loan rates in volatility. However, they appear to be staying down for now and as such it is making for this still being a good time to buy real estate in St George Utah.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Monday, April 19, 2010

St George Real Estate - Tipsy Economic Climate - Local Inventory Decreases

St George Real Estate has seen a bit of spike in foreclosure sales and many short sales are being gobbled up at least with offers on them. Real Estate tid bits on the horizon and economic factors will most likely show forth an unpredictably volatile market.

National Economic News - "Tipsy" Tid Bit Clips - Affecting the Local St George Market

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently charged Goldman Sachs financial giant with fraud. Knowingly making fraudulent deals surrounding sub-prime mortgages while obtaining insurance or bets against them, that they would 'go south', allowed them to become richer in the process- what has been called
Collateralized Debt Obligations. These allegations caused Stocks to plunge lower, which had the trade off of bonds being in demand and being bought, helping home loan rates to improve.

Speculated high points in the economy are being downplayed. For instance, there is speculation that improvements in a business bottom line may be due to having laid off workers, thus possibly contributing to a worse problem. It is speculated that inflation has been overly downplayed in order to keep government incentivized lending and interest rates lower.

There is some good news lately on the housing front with new housing starts increasing. Yet it might be overrated with anxious builders speculating too much on demand. It is hoped that housing starts will be more in relation to demand and not increase supply on an already supply oriented market.

It is suspected that the Existing Home Sales Report will also bring some positive news.

St George Real Estate

In St George, I think some investors are surprised at how unavailable some of the inventory they are looking at really is, when it consists of many short sales perhaps, that look RATHER to be tied up with offers on them. This can contribute to making the rest of regular inventory look not as attractive. Bank Foreclosures are lapped up in the beginning month if they are decent deals. Some strategy actually seems for the bank/listing agent to price it competitively enough to spur on a "bidding war" (couple offers to multiple offers). They try to get just the right level of low price to get lucky with it.

Go For It- Brian's Hot Deals!

On the other side, many buyers shy away when that is what other buyers thought too and the one or two that did go toe-to-toe, may have found that it was not pushed up that far in price, even in the "bidding war" and actually made out pretty decently. This is keeping prices down in the comparable's along with more short sales that are going through. As such, the serious buyer is advised to get onto Brian's Hottest Weekly Deals list if they'd like to participate in being educated about where and how fast some of these new hot deals do and can go, in order to participate in getting one of these good deals yourself.

The Tax Credit incentive dies the death this April 30th and it is not too late to take the plunge before that date, if you haven't already. You only need get a offer signed and under contract on something by then and have it Close by June 30th, 2010.

Remember that generally bad economic news improves the stable investment into bonds and thus helps home loan rates, where as good economic news promotes investments the other way and leads to worsening interest rates. Many think that interest rates are bound to go up and as such, variables towards making your loan affordable, might lead to this time, now, being as good as ever to get in on buying St George Real Estate.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Interest Rates Notification

St George Utah Real Estate Interest Rates Notification

We wanted everyone to know- interest rates are going to go up, not making it any more affordable to buy a St George Utah home for sale.

As part of the government stimulus package to stabilize the housing market, the Federal Reserve has been buying up Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS). However, they have stopped doing that and have announced several times that they would be pulling out of the business of manipulating them and becoming now, instead, a seller. The announcement is that on March 31, 2010, they will remove the demand they have been creating as buyers and will instead become a seller of MBS, putting more supply into the market. This in turn will have the natural effect of pushing Bond prices lower and therefore home loan rates will go higher.

Word to the wise, for those on the precipice of buying anyway, do not procrastinate buying your home soon. We wanted you to know the news, to keep you informed, so that you could feel as comfortable as a baby in a blanket toward moving ahead now, in purchasing your St George Utah Real Estate.
It is not very often that what is going to happen to interest rates is as predictable as they are now. Go to Brian's current blog on Active Rain network for Brian's St George Utah real estate market predictions.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

St George Utah Real Estate - Some Sluggishness

St George Utah Real Estate Market Trend

I just wanted to give an update on the St George Utah Real Estate market, on the most recent numbers rendered through February 2010, that I've noticed. As somewhat expected, January and February 2010 have a little bit of a slump to them. See the graph below.

This is a little bit of surprise I think to a lot of agents because a flurry of activity has been noticed. I have, pretty much, the most real estate traffic on my website of anyone I know right now, and the numbers of people hitting the website went up considerably. So, it is safe to say, that while a flood of activity has been present, it was not enough for many of them to "pull the trigger", so to speak, on an actual purchase, at least in January or February of 2010. However, as I talked recently with other Realtors across the country regarding increased activity due to the Buyer Tax Credit Incentive, it could be that many of the "heated molecules" could just well enough be like the "popcorn popping" because we all know the buyer has to identify something by April 30, 2010. Brush up on who qualifies for the home buyer tax credit incentive 2010.

Now, this is just me, but if I was a buyer, I would not wait one minute, because every day that gets closer, I predict that the closer we get, perhaps the less good deals that will still be available. It really does not take rocket science if you are a realtor to figure it out. Right now, even with pretty good inventory levels, it seems like there is only one or two real good "cherries" in each price bracket that is ripe for the picking. Doesn't take long when the heat is on for them to get "picked" folks. So, word to the wise, don't put it off IF you are going to get in on a piece of St George Utah real estate. Please call me now at (435) 674-3600!

As you will notice, in the graph above, the number of Solds in January and February of 2010 is a little less, than what we have been doing. On the opposite side, the number of New Listings really went up in January. However, if you will notice that a more noticeable pattern may exist generally speaking, in a down market, that last January's New Listings seemed to shoot up too and then a lot less in February too. Since that time, active listings inventory, has been trailing off a bit.

The last quarter of 2009 marked the lowest inventory levels as to the ratio of actives that were selling- the sold rate to actives, of listings on the market- see chart below under Months Inventory.

St George Area Absorption Rate
Basically, there is a table below that does show how much inventory as to projected sold rates of how long that inventory would take to empty the market. Please realize that the function of the last column of inventory has to do with absorption of that current months rates of actives to selling ratio. January and February are therefore probably skewed a bit, as months that are slower than normal. At very least, we have talked about how that seems to be a pattern now, as to last year as well. We hope that this has been an informative update on the St George area real estate market. If it has, please use Brian and call him any ole time. We also have some general trend info and links available on our St George Ut Real Estate stats page.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

St George Utah Real Estate

When you look at St George Utah Real Estate values over this last year it is important to consider how it is that the influx of Short Sales and Foreclosures has had a direct and dramatic affect on values. How and in what way the values increase, decrease or stay the same may may have a lot to do with whether or not the inventory of short sales and foreclosures dissipates.

With some return of sales and activities across the nation and with some indications of the inventory or supply levels leveling off or decreasing, one could speculate that a return of activity and values is on the horizon if not already present for some places in the country. While St George has felt some return of activity and particularly realtors and title people that look at the numbers, have been optimistic, still a lot will be yet determined by foreclosures and short sales, if the supply decreases or if as a persistence of supply takes place. We believe that it is already tapering off some, but it is not completely clear yet as to the amount of short sales and foreclosures that may still persist some throughout this year.

A few months back a large title company here, at least one of their statisticians pointed to how there already is indication of a downard slope of Notice of Defaults. What notice of defaults are, is that when somebody is first having problems making their house payments and default on them, this tends to be the start of a possible short sale or foreclosure.

We also believe here at St George Utah Real Estate, that unemployment percentages and interest rates will also feed into this short sale and foreclosure supply equation. If you feel this has been informative in helping you stay ahead of the pack and in getting in on a purchase now, while the tax credit for existing and first time buyers, then please give Brian a call.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

St George Utah Real Estate - Invest in Your Active Lifestyle

If you invest in your St George Utah real estate, you will be impressed with what kind of active lifestyle you can begin living no matter your age. Now, for all you retirees or young bucks, I say- Go for the Ironman Gusto. It is the Ford Ironman St. George race of a lifetime that is coming up on May 1, 2010. Now, in case you are ambitious, you can do it! You can swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run 26.2 miles. Not a problem! Yes, you can do it- all in one day. You thought the St George marathon was ambitious? Try piling on top of it that 'little' bike ride and do a couple laps in the pool, right? Right! I say hats off to all you literally impressive specimens in spirit if not body. Either way iron is a really good metaphor to reveal the deep down truth of these people being truly the Ironman of our next decade. Yet, it is amazing how many truly stellar and real fighters we have entering this race. Each year it seems to grow and 2010 looks to be another amazing year. You probably knew that you can register even for the next years Ironman shortly after the race. After that, will you call me up and come buy your St George Utah real estate with Brian? Woo, what a day!

In other news, Hurricane city revenue is down 13%.

If you'd like to search for St George Utah Retirement Communities, after going there, you can do the Quick Search listed down in those paragraphs OR go to the home page by clicking on the banner and run the Advanced Property Search and click on Inclusions and Features option and you'll see the sub-option that says Adult Communities. Click that and then configure any other criteria you may want to limit your search by, such as price. If you ever need a good recommendation in pre-qualifying for how much you want to select up to for your price range see our preffered St George Utah lenders.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

St George Real Estate

The following information is given regarding interest rates from a local lender:

Hello, I wanted to give you an update on where the rates have been at this past week. The national average for the past week on a 30 yr fixed mortgage is 5.06% with a .7% discount point and for a 15 yr fixed mortgage it is 4.45% with a .6% discount point. Our rates for today on a 30 yr fixed mortgage are as follows: *4.875% with .5 discount point *5% with no discount points.

St George Real Estate seems to be picking up some for the St George area. I am noticing realtors phone voice mails are full and still some surging of the foreclosures is imminent and possibly clearing the system by the end of the year. For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.