Thursday, February 04, 2010

St George Utah Real Estate

When you look at St George Utah Real Estate values over this last year it is important to consider how it is that the influx of Short Sales and Foreclosures has had a direct and dramatic affect on values. How and in what way the values increase, decrease or stay the same may may have a lot to do with whether or not the inventory of short sales and foreclosures dissipates.

With some return of sales and activities across the nation and with some indications of the inventory or supply levels leveling off or decreasing, one could speculate that a return of activity and values is on the horizon if not already present for some places in the country. While St George has felt some return of activity and particularly realtors and title people that look at the numbers, have been optimistic, still a lot will be yet determined by foreclosures and short sales, if the supply decreases or if as a persistence of supply takes place. We believe that it is already tapering off some, but it is not completely clear yet as to the amount of short sales and foreclosures that may still persist some throughout this year.

A few months back a large title company here, at least one of their statisticians pointed to how there already is indication of a downard slope of Notice of Defaults. What notice of defaults are, is that when somebody is first having problems making their house payments and default on them, this tends to be the start of a possible short sale or foreclosure.

We also believe here at St George Utah Real Estate, that unemployment percentages and interest rates will also feed into this short sale and foreclosure supply equation. If you feel this has been informative in helping you stay ahead of the pack and in getting in on a purchase now, while the tax credit for existing and first time buyers, then please give Brian a call.