Friday, December 03, 2010

St George Real Estate Market Plugging Along

The St George Utah real estate market is plugging along.  By that I mean that it appears that no real big fluctuations in the market are taking place.  Listings come on and off the market at about the same rate, maybe a little more onto the market this time of the year.  Now, for some reason, a couple months ago, my pulled numbers from the MLS (Washington County Multiple Listings Service), appear to have been skewed or off.  Foreclosures are not going off the market at a paced level yet, enough to reveal dwindling numbers, as I had thought from my last post.  However, the numbers involving Notice of Defaults being reported as less, was accurate.  Indeed, a trend could surface down the line towards less St George Foreclosures on the market.

Given the current rate of St George Ut homes for sale that are actually selling, we predict that the market is not going to go anywhere in a real hurry.  Subjectively speaking the activity levels are fairly decent, however, they do not represent this synergistic rush on purchasing homes that Realtors would like to see.  St George Realtors are kicking in to entertain any buyer that wants to go look and perhaps collect more nuts for the winter (make a sale).  Brian Habel, that's me, bowing, your St George Realtor, is shucking off his seasonal collected version of Scrooges hum bugs with a brighter and cheerier disposition to showing even Short Sales.

Feel free to visit our page for St George Ut real estate statistics- an update that takes us clear through November 2011.  We include for you a report on distressed properties singly for both St George Foreclosures and St George Short Sales on that page.  Also, feel free to search the St George real estate market listings as a whole.

If you are a buyer that will need a St George loan, my thoughts are that the interest rates are projected to go up with the bond market being hit hard.  Translated, interest rates make your monthly loan payments go up and for your affordability to take a hit on what you can afford in a home or even if you can afford it at all.  Inflation, which will influence things in that direction is bound to hit us.  China is matching our artificial money creation in order to make it easier on their exporters, but it is causing inflation on food where 50% of your income goes toward the food you buy already.  They are worried about price fixing with the government and even rioting if they sustain too much more price fixing by the government in a free market society.  I think the inflation will impact us all the way to St George.

In the U.S., some say interest rates are not going up because of any kind of real improvement in employment rates, but the U.S. bond bubble is preparing to burst because of inflation.  I think this is a good time to compliment our local St George city officials for setting the right example where other governments are strung out on debt.  St George came in and finished the new St George Regional Airport with funds from savings, picking up where the federal government was supposed to augment with their portion, and now they will have to pay us back.  On more reason to come buy a piece of St George Utah Real Estate, before it could become a lot tougher.