Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Real Estate at Large in St George Utah

Where are prices going with St George Utah real estate?  This might be your question if you are a buyer and don't forget, if you are a seller.  The answer to this question may decide the difference between a price reduction for a seller and whether or not you purchase if a buyer.  After showing over 45 homes in 3 days I'm exhausted!  Never have I worked so hard to help a buyer buy St George Utah real estate here in good ole St George'y St George Utah.

Folks, this is not year of the crystal ball.  My latests "reads" on the market are such that the question is put- are we bouncing along on a rocky bottom OR are we bouncing along on a downward trend.  The word is not out nationally.  So, should it be in St George?  However, can you afford not to take advantage of soon to possibly sky rocket interest rates?  I think it is a rocky bottom and indications of less foreclosures to dominate the landscape does mean that we have... OK, maybe we haven't "turned" the corner, BUT we have enough activity in the market to think we have.  I think that unless things get really ugly nationally, that St George Utah real estate has the chances to hold its own based soley on location, location, location.

St George, Utah is located in the Mid-West and many of an older to middle aged folk are looking to either get out of the cold or find some place a bit more friendly.  I think St George is "it".  I do find people generally "finding" a move to St George and being rewarded in thinking it is friendlier here than elsewhere, where they moved from, than where they could have ended up.  So, what does St George have going for it if it is not immediate jobs, for we are not booming in that area?  It has friendly people that seem to live the values they demonstratively seek for in this area.  It is the Law of Attraction in "order".  I want one friendly person at the super market, one less snarly driver, a side of neighborly hailing and a boss that appreciates me.  That is what you have in St George Utah on most sunny days.

Hey, its been a great summer, who cares about one day of 106 degrees!  That's right, you heard it, 106 degrees- when you have the rest that goes with it. 

OK, here is a comparison as we are not usually that high- see Salt Lake City weather as compared to St George Utah weather.  Many people talk about crazy people to think of so hot, when, we who live here and move here will say, that is why air conditioning was invented folks and we can't tell the difference.  As if you got up off your silly chair during the day.  At least we do and don't even notice because our car has it too.  Whose sporting around now, because when the winter comes and it will come, no more jackets, no more withering heights for you, for our desert lizards will see more light and warmth than you will.  St George is not just an exotic wish, but a lifestyle and a mindset.  Either you live with it or without it.  Either way I'm confident if I build it, they will come.  Yours truly, your St George Utah Realtor- Brian Habel.