Friday, November 02, 2012

Real Estate in St George Stabilizing - Stats Summer to Fall of 2012

The real estate market has seen some pretty good fluctuations in the past few months from the summer to fall of 2012 in this, the Greater St George area.  Hello, and I'm Brian Habel, a REALTOR® through and through and I can advise you.

You see, I've been perplexed, wondering whether or not inventory levels were truly being depleted to unbelievably low levels, wondering if this is peculiar to our area.  I though it was.  However, I have had several conversations with others across the country, but more so in the southwest states, that have said their inventory levels were also lower.  That it is not a peculiar phenomenon to St George, was quite a surprise to me.  However, our inventory levels were quite low even compared with other areas and it is not hard to understand why.  St George has a better than average appeal with many people wanting to take advantage now.

The most common phenomenon I've heard on the phone by far, that has become increasingly apparent- retiree's who want to get in now, 5 years before they retire, just so they can have that golden piece of real estate grow on them.  They often lack the resources and the follow through however.  Their main lament or dilemma has been, "It is too hard to jump on the good opportunities when they first come out when I do not live there".  Yes, all you investors, it is difficult.

However, I do have a few investors whom have done just that with me.  In these cases it came down to having a good REALTOR® who could advise on the ground "as if you were here".  As such, I've helped others secure something without them even being in town.  How do they do that?  I know what they are looking for so well and between them staying on top of their email updates and calling me the first instance, I can do the rest, from visiting the property in some cases, to researching in's and out's for you with the agent, and sending you comparable solds in the same neighborhood, sometimes within the last 6 months. All of this can work to ones advantage if you trust the process.  In any case, my people always get to come in and see the property, which is always encouraged before going through with the purchase and in the first instance one can arrange it.  For more details into the market, call me, Brian anytime (I know this area), at (435) 674-3600, I can help!

Here are the most recent real estate stats for the area.  Notice the inventory levels were draining to ultimate lows in the summer, but have gone back up a little going into winter 2012, thus stabilizing.

The Months Inventory is:  how long would it take the current inventory to sell, if no new homes came onto the market.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Washington County Property Tax Ordinance Change 2012 - Important Notice

A new Washington County Property Taxes ordinance change was instituted to take affect starting January 1, 2012.  However, do not think that this new change is a change as to what date taxes are set off of, this is not new.  But it is an ordinance change as to taxable usage of duration and affect.  Basically, whatever the home is being used as on January 1, either for second home purposes or as a primary domicile usage, that status gets applied for the remainder of the year, irrespective of if it is a new home buyer that purchases the property.  In other words, new home owners, irrespective of their own usage, get taxed through the remainder of the year at the former home owners usage status as of January 1 of that year.

To understand current tax rates, what that tax rate is based off of and multiplied by, visit our Washington County Property Taxes page for a comprehensive over-view of scenario's and implications.

Give Brian Habel, Realtor® for this area, a call when your ready to go out and have your favorite listings lined up for showing.  Feel free to shop all the listings online here at our site.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Utah Senate Bill 42 Impacts St George Utah Real Estate

St George Utah Real Estate - Senate Bill 42

St George Utah real estate has received a boost in the arm by brand new Utah Senate Bill 42 coming out of our legislature.  Under prior arrangements most sellers have not known that when selling their property as a Short Sale, that they could be held on the line for up to 6 years afterwards for the banks to come back after them to sue for the deficiency owed.  Under the new Senate Bill 42, state law forces banks to match current foreclosure laws- which means they can come back and sue for a deficiency, only within 3 months or 90 days after the sale.  This change could help sellers more bravely pursue a St George short sale rather than giving it up for dead to a foreclosure.

This information was gleaned from current Realtor® podcasts coming through from the Utah Association of Realtors reports.  I see this as a significant boost toward a St George Short Sale being seen as safer and easier to do, along with recent timelines in being able to get one accomplished becoming significantly reduced to a three to four month process to what typically used to be more a six to ninth long process.  This is Brian Habel, your check out our site.

Monday, January 09, 2012

St George Real Estate Update - 2012 Outlook

2012 outlook for St George real estate is positive in the direction of an increase in home sales as well as the values rising.

Utah Real Estate
New activity in both Washington County and Utah real estate has shown a significant reduction in inventory levels.  The number of sales have risen in the last quarter of 2011 for real estate in St George Utah as well.  Here is a graph showing the numbers of inventory in the entire state having reduced to lower levels than before until April 2007- see below graph.
Utah Real Estate

St George Real Estate
St George real esate inventory levels have also shown a significant reduction with the rate of sales surpassing the new listings coming on.  We could get an insurgence of new listings on the market as a reason, but still a projection across the board on sales and small price appreciation is expected.  This St George real estate graph below will tell a story regarding the last two years and one can see the increases that we well could be heading toward, if a decreasing trend in our inventory levels for our rate of sales are any kind of marker.  This typically can predict future sales.  The outstanding uknown involves how the market responds with new listings and how many new distressed sales will come on.  How much will come on and to what degree?  With inventory levels, are we getting back to normal levels?
Greater St George Real Estate
This is good news for sellers and not so good news for buyers.  So, because interest rates are at an all time low and prices, now is as good as time as any if you are a St George real estate buyer or seller. 

Give me, Brian Habel, your St George Realtor a call and increase the number of visitors to your home, should you decide to list- try 1,300 visitors a week to our site.  While I set this site up for buyers, it has had the affect of being the best place for sellers then, naturally.  We can show case your home on the home page.  And if your a buyer, Brian rests his case, he's been helping mostly buyers for the last 8 years and is ready to get you your deal!

St George Land for Sale
By the way, if you are examining all your options, you may have thought of building on some St George land for sale.  If so, you worry if that is the right way to go precisely because things have been hit so hard, how could that be affordable.  Well, there are few builders that are making it work, but I know a couple of them and they have to continue to do homes to stay in business, so it is a win-win for the both of you because they have to keep the cost down in order to make it work.  You'd be surprised what they can pull off.  I've seen it first hand, built in equity and surprising degree of quality and product.  To get the low down on land and St George AAA Recommended Builders click on my page St George Land for Sale.