Monday, January 09, 2012

St George Real Estate Update - 2012 Outlook

2012 outlook for St George real estate is positive in the direction of an increase in home sales as well as the values rising.

Utah Real Estate
New activity in both Washington County and Utah real estate has shown a significant reduction in inventory levels.  The number of sales have risen in the last quarter of 2011 for real estate in St George Utah as well.  Here is a graph showing the numbers of inventory in the entire state having reduced to lower levels than before until April 2007- see below graph.
Utah Real Estate

St George Real Estate
St George real esate inventory levels have also shown a significant reduction with the rate of sales surpassing the new listings coming on.  We could get an insurgence of new listings on the market as a reason, but still a projection across the board on sales and small price appreciation is expected.  This St George real estate graph below will tell a story regarding the last two years and one can see the increases that we well could be heading toward, if a decreasing trend in our inventory levels for our rate of sales are any kind of marker.  This typically can predict future sales.  The outstanding uknown involves how the market responds with new listings and how many new distressed sales will come on.  How much will come on and to what degree?  With inventory levels, are we getting back to normal levels?
Greater St George Real Estate
This is good news for sellers and not so good news for buyers.  So, because interest rates are at an all time low and prices, now is as good as time as any if you are a St George real estate buyer or seller. 

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St George Land for Sale
By the way, if you are examining all your options, you may have thought of building on some St George land for sale.  If so, you worry if that is the right way to go precisely because things have been hit so hard, how could that be affordable.  Well, there are few builders that are making it work, but I know a couple of them and they have to continue to do homes to stay in business, so it is a win-win for the both of you because they have to keep the cost down in order to make it work.  You'd be surprised what they can pull off.  I've seen it first hand, built in equity and surprising degree of quality and product.  To get the low down on land and St George AAA Recommended Builders click on my page St George Land for Sale.