Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Washington County Property Tax Ordinance Change 2012 - Important Notice

A new Washington County Property Taxes ordinance change was instituted to take affect starting January 1, 2012.  However, do not think that this new change is a change as to what date taxes are set off of, this is not new.  But it is an ordinance change as to taxable usage of duration and affect.  Basically, whatever the home is being used as on January 1, either for second home purposes or as a primary domicile usage, that status gets applied for the remainder of the year, irrespective of if it is a new home buyer that purchases the property.  In other words, new home owners, irrespective of their own usage, get taxed through the remainder of the year at the former home owners usage status as of January 1 of that year.

To understand current tax rates, what that tax rate is based off of and multiplied by, visit our Washington County Property Taxes page for a comprehensive over-view of scenario's and implications.

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