Friday, January 10, 2014

Get a Feel for "Weather or Not" You Like St George Utah

Recently St George has endured some of the coldest spell of winter weather it has seen in a very long time; one website reported, for a 100 years.  One old timer to the area, recently reported to a buyer I was strolling through his neighborhood with, “I've never seen the snow stick around like this.  Typically if we do see snow, it is gone by that day or 2 PM the following day” he reported.  The lowest temperature month is in December and its average high is normally about 52 degrees and 31 degrees for the low.

So, if you have ever done a double take on “weather or not” you like St George Utah, just think past the recent “weather or not”, to the over 300 days of sun out of the year and mild temperatures that normally entreats all who visit or relocate here.  In fact, the colder weather, having been experienced north of us as well, will tend, as it always does, about March and April of each year, to bring an inordinate amount of buyers looking to "never have to do that cold again".

OK, I know that all you retirees or second home owners are looking nationally for a great place to relocate or settle and for the weather to cooperate, that it is conducive to the bones and joints.   St George Utah is just the place.  The people are some of the friendliest you will find.  Why?  I think the people that came here historically, were values based and so many who come here now, flock here for similar purposes.
Birds of a feather flock together and we have some of the best people around.  Full of retirees, St George knows that volunteer, civic, scholastic and neighborly mindedness go a long way toward a more abundant life.  The Tuacahn for Performing Arts allows many people to both come and enjoy our plays or to volunteer at them.  We have some of the largest volunteer forces in the world.  The Huntsman World Senior Games, with St George being the home for, also bring lots of volunteers and participators alike out to play.  I happen to know that it is the last best place to retire, in the mid-west, when you travel north along I-15.

Do you live in California and you want to get out?  Look no farther.  Just come north, but not too far.  If you go past St George, at 2,700 feet, you'll start to ascend in 20 minutes, to 5,000 feet, to Cedar City, which is located about 45 minutes up I-15 to our north.  Sure, visit only, up in that cold, but in the summer months, warm and close enough to enjoy the famous Shakespearean Festival.  There, your weather will be pretty much the same in the winter, all the rest of the way up to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Need I say, "Cold"!  Not here.

I used to travel from Cedar City southward, 10 years ago, down, descending in elevation to St George, for my real estate classes.  I'd often open up the windows, and right as I'd descend in elevation, right to about the town of Leeds [10 minutes north of the city], along that I-15 corridor, I'd hit this envelope of warm air.  Yes, that is why people come here and also the state park like scenery of southern Utah.  

We have Zion National Park just to the east about 45 minutes travel where they get two and a half million visitors a year, the 7th most visited national park.  So, the red and white rocks, hills, bluffs and sheer cliffs represent some of the scenery already.

Money.cnn ranks St George as 63 out of 100 Best Places to Live and in the top 25 places to retire. It is also a golfing community featuring over 8 beautiful golf courses- much of the neighborhoods developments are built out around these green belts.  Lots of hiking, biking and site seeing abounds.  One could literally barely step out of the down town area into the red rocks, crevices, and repelling areas.  Not further than a half mile, up on the cliffy edge that lines the edge of the down town area, one can enjoy natures red rock outdoor play yard for adults and children alike.  

St George's red dirt and rocks never seem to get dull or tired for want of people’s eyes feasting on them continually.  They are all part of this trip destination planning you can do for the entire Southern Utah area- it is a park like setting that endures time and weather.  So, “weather or not” you’re ready, St George is brimming with sunshine, made right and just ready for you.