Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Be a Nosy Neighbor in your St George Neighborhood!

Be a nosy neighbor in your St George neighborhood!  Who does not want to know what their neighbors home is going for, when the for-sale-sign first appears on their street?  Nobody I know!  Get inside pictures and snoop shamelessly.  Find out square footage, beds, baths, back yard enjoyments, you can now know it all!

Just go here to our contact Brian link, and fill out your info and be sure to put in the comments box your address, also how often you want updates.  These can come once a week, day or even just once a month- whatever you like!

How often are homes coming up for sale and selling in my area?  What does that say about my area and maybe how much I could get for my own home?  Can I know when a price reduction takes place and what it is reduced to?

Yes!  Now you can know!  I am treating my special neighbors, past clients, sphere of influence, newsletter friends and blog readers to manually set you up for these.

You will be your very own expert with very little effort and know what is going on, on your block instantly when it happens. Snoop shamelessly!  Come on, what are you waiting for?!  Yea!!!

Your local agent here to help and when you or anyone you know has a need, you know who to refer to!  ~Brian Habel at:

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Eddy Kicker said...

I wouldn't consider this being "nosy," just better informed. As a Greenville SC Real Estate Agent, I always help my clients, bot selling and buying, to get a better idea of what's going on in that neighborhood.